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You must ~ activity

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You Must ~, You Must Not ~


Alison Iles


GRADE LEVEL: JHS, 2nd year, Unit 4, New Horizon 2 p.40-41
SKILLS: Speaking, reading
TIME: 45 minutes
MATERIALS: Dice, a game board with numbered squares with every third or so square labeled with “you must pick up a card,” question cards
OBJECTIVE: To introduce and practice the grammar point “You must/not"




1. Introduce the key sentence “you must, you must not” and go over some examples on the board.


2. Split the class up into groups of 5 or 6 and hand out materials. Students roll the dice to see who goes first. Each student makes their way around the board picking up question cards when they land on the “you must pick up a card” square.


3. The first student to reach the end of the board game wins.


Questions can include:


*You must put your jacket on backwards

*You must sing your favourite song

*You must not speak for one minute

*You must tell a teacher you love English

*You must sit under our desk for one minute

*You must miss a turn


If you choose to use trickier questions, maybe include some of the key words in Japanese so the game can run smoothly and quickly.




A warm up activity for following lessons is a criss-cross style game but the students must ask the questions to the teachers. However, the students are told that your JTE must answer ‘yes’ and the ALT must answer ‘no’. If you can answer their question accordingly they can sit down.

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