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senior high school

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Useful articles



A Quick Guide


Senior high school student English ability ranges from higher intermediate all the way to complete false beginner, depending on the school. However, student levels within a school tend to be much more homogenous than they are at junior high school.


The role of an ALT at senior high school therefore can range from planning interesting lessons to re-inspire jaded students (who perhaps were left behind at junior high school) to designing and marking tests to prepare students for their university entrance exams.


Whatever they end up doing, one goal that all ALTs should keep in mind is to provide students with meaningful opportunities to practice using English, whether that be in a conversation, a letter, or a diary. English at senior high school is still too focused on disconnected pattern practice and learning grammar points: reminding students that English is a tool for communication and giving them the chance to do some more practical activities can provide a welcome break and even impart some useful skills.


Lesson Plans and Activities


Amazing Race

A group activity to introduce a city, area, or grammar point while practicing reading skills

American Logic

A lesson plan introducing simple logic puzzles for students to solve

Animals Passive Voice

A four-skills lesson plan to practice the passive voice

Apples to Apples(2007)

An adaptable activity to practice and learn vocabulary

Are You All Right

Lesson plan to practice illness vocabulary

bingo with a twist

Using a variation of bingo played in teams to review language items

body parts

A lesson plan to practice body parts with a great labelling activity

can I help you

Lesson plan on ordering food in a restaurant

choose your own adventure

Lesson plan where students first read, then write their own "choose your own adventure" books

christmas card exchange

An activity involving exchanging Christmas cards with schools overseas

Community Centre Clubs(2007)

Some advice for getting involved with the local community at community centres

Computer Lab Lesson(2007)

Students learn how to use computers to help them learn English

Comics Lesson

Three activity ideas using comic strips to encourage student writing

Conversation Balls

An activity to help students become aware of and improve their turn-taking in converstions. Easy to implement and potentially very useful

Conversation Cards That Work(2007)

A method to create conversation cards that really do encourage students to talk outside of class

country speeches

Students research and present countries around the world

crossword fun

A simple and effective activity using crossword puzzles to review vocabulary

culture in the classroom

A lesson plan to encourage students to think about culture while practicing English

Culture Relay Race and Challenge

Lesson plan introducing culture using an active activity and quiz

Dating Game

Whole class interview game based on finding a date

Describing Food

An active lesson to teach taste and food vocabulary

descriptions and imagination

An activity that allows students to come up with stories based on pictures


Lesson plan to practice directions through a variety of worksheets

directions tpr

An activity to actively practice directions using TPR

doctor, doctor

An survey-style activity to practice medical vocabulary

effective tt activities

Two activities for team-teaching, one to practice grammar points and one to practice dictionary use

emergency activities

Three activities that require very little preparation. Good for "surprise classes"

Fast Food

Lesson to learn and practice language related to ordering fast food

food`s always good

Lesson plan that allows students to create recipes and share them with each other

french english idiomatic expressions

Lesson plan introducing idioms, as well as French phrases that are used in English


Lesson plan to teach gestures and get students thinking about other cultures

Getting All Students Involved

A simple classroom management technique to encourage student participation

going to the zoo

A worksheet based lesson plan based around a visit to a zoo

going to tokyo

Very comprehensive lesson plan to practice using want to and have to in sentences

harry potter descriptions

A lesson plan using characters from the Harry Potter movies to practice descriptions


A lesson plan allowing students to talk about their hobbies. Worksheet included

interesting article

A lesson plan for the language lab, allowing students to focus in depth on an article

introducing others

Lesson plan allowing students to ask and answer simple questions, and introduce others


Two ideas for using journals to improve student writing skills

Katakana IS NOT English(2007)

Some guidelines for weaning students away from 'katakana' pronunciation

Katakana Lesson(2007)

A lesson based on raising student awareness of the differences between katakana loan words and English


Activity to encourage students to review and practice a wide range of English

let's go for a walk

Practice directions in a real way by taking students outside the school

let`s go on a trip

Lesson plan with handouts that transforms the classroom into an international trip. Students practice practical English in the context of a fun activity

let's party

Students plan their ideal party and present it to the class

Let's Talk About Music(2007)

Lesson plan to allow students to listen to and evaluate various kinds of music, practices talking about likes and dislikes, favourites, etc.

let's travel

Simple lesson plan introducing students to foreign travel that allows them to practice simple questions

Logic Grid Greetings

A logic puzzle for students, based on describing people

mad doctor game

A fast paced and fun group game to practice body parts and simple conversation

make your idol

A homework assignment to make posters introducing famous people. Includes student-determined assessment.

making plans

A lesson plan to help students practice making plans, including a phone conversation element


A fun, physical activity in the gym to review and practice directions

monster body parts review

A lesson plan that practices body parts and allows students to have fun creating and sharing their work

Movie Self-Introduction

Using a movie to spice up a self-intro class

movie previews

A lesson plan to teach movie-related vocabulary using previews

movie reviews

A lesson plan to allow students to learn movie related vocabulary and use it to review a film. Includes excellent handouts

music video bingo

Variation of bingo using a music video to practice vocabulary

my school life

A lesson plan that looks at school life and how it differs between countries

my vacation

A theme-based lesson plan incorporating photos that challenges students' listening skills

mystery object guessing game

Activity that practices describing things in a quiz type format

name that body part

Introduction, review, and practice of body parts

newspaper research

Lesson plan introducing students to English language newspapers

new years resolutions

Lesson plan to review future tense constructions using New Year`s resolutions

number practice

A lesson plan to practice numbers and introduce foreign currencies

Only in English

A simple variation of Taboo where students define words in English to each other

peer to peer teaching

A teaching method to allow students to teach each other/discover grammar rules together

Perfect Date Shadowing

A 'perfect date' themed lesson plan based around shadowing

Phrase of the Week

A teaching idea involving how to implement a phrase of the week and give the students chances to practice it


A lesson plan based around writing recipes

review game

A "grammar gamble" style activity to review grammar. Includes many variations

Rhythm Vocabulary(2007)

A method to practice word stress and pronunciation (using percussion instruments)


Lesson plan to develop listening skills based around riddles. Includes worksheet

self-introduction lesson

Lesson plan for a first lesson based around students asking questions


A detailed step-by-step run through of how to do a first class

Self-Introduction Hot Potato

A lesson plan for an active first lesson with ALT self-intro

Sendai Subway

A lesson plan based around the Sendai subway map, to build upon similar textbook lessons

Skype the English-speaking World(2007)

A series of lessons preparing students to call abroad for information using Skype


A fun lesson plan based around designing a superhero and describing their powers


A detailed lesson plan on superstitions, with activities and background information

talking square tables

A lesson plan to allow students to practice speaking: includes two conversational warm-up ideas

Teen Win Lose or Draw(2007)

An adaptable activity to review vocabulary in groups

tenses bingo

A simple bingo activity to review/practice verb tenses

the people game

A group based card matching game to practice descriptions

the power of music

An activity that allows students to talk about how music makes them feel

treasure hunt

A treasure hunt activity to practice prepositions of location

valentine's day

A lesson plan to introduce Valentine`s day, allow students to learn about rhyming, and write poems of their own

valentine's day 2

A lesson plan that introduces the history of Valentine's day and customs in Canada, as well as encouraging students to write their own poems


A lesson plan to practice vehicle related vocabulary and "what kind of..."

vocabulary tag

An activity to practice vocabulary with the class

warm thoughts

Students write compliments for each other, which are returned at the end of the year

Warm-up Activities

2 simple warm-ups (one for speaking and one for writing) requiring only a timer


A lesson plan to supplement textbook weather lessons

what's your problem

Simple lesson plan building up to advice giving based on illnesses

what happened next

A short warm-up activity using video clips: students predict what will happen next. A good activity to get attention and encourage student participation

What's Your Star Sign

Lesson plan based around star signs. Students read about star signs, then talk to their friends about them

where shall we go

A lesson plan incorporating travel vocabulary, describing a vacation, and basic geography

which do you prefer

Quiz style game played in teams

Who Was I

An easy version of 20 questions to develop students speaking and listening skills

Winter Holidays

A culture lesson introducing various kinds of winter holidays

word games

Three short adaptable activities to help students work on their decoding and reading skills

world cities

A lesson plan to practice world geography in English, including all four skills

world maps

Cultural lesson based around Australian maps and geography

year-end lesson

Final lesson where students write messages of appreciation to their teachers and each other


Interacting with Students Outside of Class


Some ideas to get to know students better.


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