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self-introduction lesson

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Self-introduction Lesson

Kathryn Leslie


Grade Level 1st-3rd years
Skills Speaking/listening
Time one or two lessons
Materials Numbered question cards, music, home information and photos, worksheet
Objectives Students will be able to ask questions, introduce themselves, and get to know the ALT



  1. Prepare some numbered cards which have questions written on them, for the students to ask you (what is your name, do you have any brothers or sisters, etc.)
  2. Make a card for each student. Not only does it mean that each student must speak up in class, but it also holds their attention as they wait for their number to come up
  3. Collate some materials about your home country and your family
  4. Print a worksheet for the students to fill in. I included example statements so that they can fill in their own information without getting too overwhelmed
  5. Get a tape/CD player and some funky music



  1. Warm-up: play some music (loudly) while the students pass a soft ball around. When the music stops the student holding the ball has to answer a self-intro question, such as How old are you?
  2. Distribute the numbered cards to the class
  3. As you call out a number, the student who has the matching card has to stand up and ask the question on his or her card. I made sure that I had a list of the questions, and that the questions went in some kind of reasonable order. When it came to questions about my home country I had maps and tourist guides, for questions about family I had photos. This really held my students' attention
  4. Hand out the worksheets and have the students fill them in


I have done this lesson with each of my classes. After the class, they know all about me, they have all spoken English to me, and I have a handy little worksheet with their names, ages, likes, and dislikes. The lesson did consist of quite simple English, but it gives students confidence in their own ability, and allows teachers to get to know them a little bit too.

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