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newspaper research

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 7 months ago

Newspaper Research Lesson


Lisa Meyer


SKILLS: reading, writing, speaking
TIME: one class
MATERIALS: Worksheets, 9 old English Newspapers
OBJECTIVES: To learn how to read an English newspaper and find information, to interact in groups in English, to learn about some current events




  1. Ask the students to make groups of 4.
  2. Give each group one newspaper and a worksheet for each student.
  3. Students are to work together, find all the relevant information and fill out their worksheets. Stress that they must speak in English only throughout the activity, having to ask each other questions in English to complete their sheets quickly.
  4. ALT and JTE ask questions and collect sheets at the end for grading.




This can be adapted to suit all levels. To increase the level of difficulty, ask students to give summaries of news articles, instead of just finding headlines, page numbers etc.


My school has the ‘Daily Yomiuri’ delivered daily, so check with your library before buying your own.




The worksheet for this lesson is here:


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