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Letter Sounds

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Letter Sounds


Berthold Alheit


SKILLS: Speaking, Listening
TIME: 10~15 minutes, once a week or more
MATERIALS: Worksheets




1. To practise English pronunciation and listening.




Start by writing a letter on the blackboard.

Next, write down a simple word that uses that letter.

Ask a student to read out the word. Have them note that the sound of the letter is different from the name they learnt (first lesson only).

Have them practise (as a group) the pronunciation(s) for the letter, both stand-alone and as it occurs within words.

Finish off with worksheets (see the notes).




• The worksheets can be really simple. Write several words on the sheet, include words with sounds and letters that are easily confused with the letter you just used. Read out some words from the worksheet. The students have to circle the corresponding words on their worksheets.

• You can move on to other sounds in the English language after you have done the basic alphabet. ("th", "ch", "ou")

• Adapt this as you see fit.

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