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junior high school

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Useful articles



A Quick Guide


Junior high school has a great range of teaching situations: the difference between first year students (who in their enthusiasm and friendliness are close to elementary students) and third year students (who tend to be either absorbed in cramming for tests or hopelessly rebellious) is great, and the level of English involved in each grade also varies wildly.


Trying to balance the needs of students and the demands of the curriculum can be challenging, particularly after the second year when language targets get progressively more difficult and more and more students are left behind.


ALTs need to be able to use a range of activities in order to keep their students interested and motivated to continue with their English studies. Some ALTs will also be involved with elective English classes, and may need to create a yearly curriculum for their classes.


Faced with this confusing array of needs and situations, ALTs should draw upon the resources available to them: other ALTs, educational support staff, online and printed materials, and perhaps most importantly, their JTE colleagues. JTEs at your school are most likely to have a good idea of what the students are like and what they need, as well as what they will respond to. Asking your more experienced colleagues for advice is also a good way to build your relationship with them.


Lesson plans and activities


3rd Person verbs

Advent Calendar

And everybody go to sleep

Answer - Questions

Astrology 101 - Whats your sign

Come here please

Celebrity heads

20 questions style game to practice questions and answers


An opportunity to interact with students outside of class


Connect 4 game

Continous Tense Practice

Conversation Flowcharts

A variation to practice conversations in a more natural way

Country Game

Adaptable speaking activity to practice country names and varied grammar points

Cranium for JHS

Creative Writing exercise

A great activity to ease students into free writing

Criss Cross 2

A simple variation for Criss Cross to make it more fun and interesting for students

Crocodile Attack(2007)

An adaptable warm-up to review and practice English in groups

Cultural Jeopardy

Cultural quiz game

Current English Board

A simple and effective idea for organising an English noticeboard

Days of the Week song

Dictionary Dash

Activity to allow JHS 1 students to practice using dictionaries

Directions activity

Treasure hunt activity to practice directions

Disappearing Man

A politically correct hangman variant: great for warm-ups

Do you have~

Do you know him - her

Doctor Doctor

Practicing body parts through a lively group activity

Doctor skit

Draw a Monkey

Lesson to practice comparatives while drawing monkeys

Drawing Personalities

A drawing and writing activity to practice describing people

Exquisite Corpse(2007)

An activity based around making group poems

Fictional self-intro from pictures

Finish my question

Fun and easy activity

Gambling with Comparatives

Gesture Communication Game(2007)

An activity to practice gestures and using English to communicate instructions

Gesture game

Getting All Students Involved

A simple classroom management technique to encourage student participation

Ghost Story movies

Graduation Posters

An end-of-year lesson for third year students

How Does It Sound

A lesson plan to help students pronounce past tense -ed ending verbs correctly

How Many Top Trumps

An activity to practice 'how many?' using a variation on the popular game Top Trumps

Hyperdia -Using the Web to Assist the Text

An internet lesson to complement NH3 p. 48-49 and introduce the students to English language websites

Instant Fairytale

Interview test

A simple and effective interview test incorporating body language and manners



Lets go shopping

Letter Blitz

Quiz game to get students thinking about letters and sentence structure

Lost in Tokyo Disneyland

Make me a star

Filming commercials with students

Monkey Hunt

A variation of the typhoon game to spice up quiz activities

Months of the Year

Movie watch and questions

Necktie Game

A fun variant of pictionary that involves drawing while blindfolded. Good for practicing vocabulary.

New Horizon Unit Worksheet

Past Tense Battleships

Using a battleships-type pair game to practice the past tense

Pen Pal Exchange(2007)

Running a pen pal exchange

Pen Pal project

How to set up and run a pen pal exchange

Personal Pronouns Potential Cootie Catchers

A simple and fun activity to practice making sentences using personal pronouns and 'I can'/'I can't'

Phonics Little Preparation

A simple phonics practice activity based around worksheets

Phonics No Preparation

A dictation-based no prep. phonics activity

Picture Shiritori

Poetic Pronouns

Practicing Question Words

Questions and Sentences

Questions Game

An activity to help students practice making questions and use vocabulary

Quiz Show

A simple activity that can be quickly improvised in times of need. Students answer questions in teams

Quiz Show II(2007)

Another version of the quiz show activity.

Rhythm of English

Scavenger Hunt(2007)

Using a scavenger hunt activity to practice directions

Sensei-nator Gladiators

Simple Past Tense

Skit-Making 101

Slice and Dice

A number of activities using cut up words/sentences to practice reading, writing, vocab, etc.

Song Lyrics Scramble

An activity for practicing listening skills with simple songs

South African Gambling game

Surprises from your country

Talking In Class(2007)

Two activities to help encourage students to talk in class

Telephone Speed Dating

A lesson plan to practice speaking and listening in a 'speed dating' format

That Which Who game

Quiz type game to practice the use of that/which/who

Tic Tac Toe(2007)

An activity to use with special needs classes

Tips for JHS ALTs(2007)

Some tips for ALTs starting out in JHS

Tongue Twister Relay

An activity for students to practice tongue twisters with a view to improving their listening and speaking skills

Trivia for Questions

Warm-up Activities

2 simple warm-ups (one for speaking and one for writing) requiring only a timer


Board-based writing game that students do in teams (words or phrases)

Weekday Doubt

A version of the card game B.S. (or Liar) to help students learn the days of the week

What are you doing

Nice card based survey activity to practice the present continuous

What are you do-ing

Practice present continuous with gesture game

What are you talking about

What did you do yesterday

What is happening in the picture

What is she doing

An activity to practice the present progressive

What's your number

Where Am I

Lesson plan to practice locations

Who is this

Who is stronger

Activity to practice comparatives incorporating janken

Who Killed Johnny

Logic activity involving interpreting practice based on the present progressive

Write Poetry

Highly structured activity to allow students to write poetry and practice the 'it is A for B to C' grammar point

Yesterdays Schedule

Fun drawing activity to practice talking about daily routines

You must ~ activity

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