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Instant Fairytale

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Instant Fairytale – Just Add Dice


Kirsty Tsoi


GRADE LEVEL: JHS 2 (but can be adjusted to any level)
SKILLS: Reading and writing
TIME: Two (to four) classes
MATERIALS: 2 handouts, one dice per student, dictionaries, (coloring pens / pencils)
OBJECTIVES: To practice reading comprehension
To learn some new words
To attempt creative writing
To make some reading resources for the school




1. The ALT writes part of a story with some gaps in it. (See example handout A).


2. The ALT prepares a separate handout with 11 possible options to fill each of the gaps in the story, labeled from option 2 to option 12. (See example handout B).


3. Distribute the handouts to the students in class. The students read the story, rolling their dice twice each time and adding the total to select from the list of possible options to fill in each gap of the story. Students look up words they don’t know in the dictionaries as they go.


4. Each student has ended up with the beginning of a very different story. Next, the students must write an ending (of 3 or more sentences) to their original story. Most students completed their stories after one and a half periods of class time.




One extra option is to ask the students to make a booklet of their story. Our students wrote each paragraph onto a separate page and then illustrated each page. We asked that their illustrations clearly represent the main action of the story. This ensured their full comprehension of the story. This took an extra two class periods. The format and illustrations in the booklets enhanced the students’ interest in each other’s stories and I saw some passing them around and reading each other’s. This activity has provided us with a lot of interesting reading material for use in our school in future years.




The handout for this lesson can be found here: http://storage01.pbwiki.com/f/Instant_Fairytale_handouts.doc

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