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I Spy

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I Spy


Michael Blodgett


GRADE LEVEL: JHS (special needs)
SKILLS: Speaking, Listening, Reading
TIME: 50 minutes
MATERIALS: I SPY book, homemade I SPY cards or I SPY board game, and various items in class




1. To teach vocabulary in a simple and extremely fun way by using pictures/items from the I SPY book or game

2. To reinforce/review previously taught vocabulary




I happen to have brought a bunch of I SPY books with me when I came to Japan. For a 50 minute class we can easily learn a handful of new words and the students will eagerly spend the allotted time trying to be the first to find the object in those books. In that case very little time is needed. If you want to make an I SPY board game or your own I SPY cards by using your own drawings and or items in the classroom, it might need some more preparation time.


Procedure 1:


Teach the targeted vocabulary in an interesting way. Then use the I SPY book to search for the words. It sounds simple, but they will enjoy it.


Procedure 2:


Of course after some time your students may tire of searching in the I SPY book. Or you might not even have an I SPY book (then try to make one). So you can create a kind of board game using the I SPY concept. The board can just be a series of mixed up pictures you have drawn or taken from a magazine. And let each student have a game piece and a roll of the dice. If they land on a certain space it may say, "I SPY a tiger". Then they search for the tiger naturally. You can make up your own rules. In our case, if the student finds their item. The next person then can roll the dice, etc, etc until they get to the desired final square and are declared a winner.


Procedure 3:


The third activity would be to use items throughout the class or pictures you have strategically posted around the room. You can say "I SPY a wheelbarrow". Then the students busily search for the item around the classroom. I have four students in my special needs class. So it is possible to put them in teams of two. You can also give them points individually. Or no points at all. You choose.




As you can see there are many variations. The students were immediately amazed that I SPY had an English version. They often ask to do activities using it. And they tend to pick up the vocabulary quickly in this fashion.

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