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Steven Rozenski


GRADE LEVEL: Elementary 5-6
SKILLS: Memory, Speaking, Listening
TIME: 20 minutes
MATERIALS: Beach ball, flash cards




  • To remember new vocabulary |




1. Teach the students some new vocabulary. 6-8 words should be about right.

2. Have them sit in a circle

3. The students say one of the vocabulary words and then throw the ball to someone else. That student then has to say a different vocabulary word and pass the ball. If they make a mistake and say a word that has already been said, they are out and have to sit in the middle. They can still enjoy the game though, because they can direct the ball a bit as it is thrown through the middle. 4. Once all the vocabulary words are used up, the person who says the last one can throw the ball and whoever it touches is automatically out. I like this capricious, slightly malevolent aspect of the game, and they seem to, too.

5. If they hesitate for too long, countdown from five and if they don't say anything, they're out as well. Give prizes to the hardy souls that make it.

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