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directions tpr

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Directions- TPR style!


Tammy Beacock


GRADE LEVEL: SHS, non-academic high school, all grades
SKILLS: Listening, and speaking
TIME: 20 minutes
MATERIALS: Pieces of paper with shop names, traffic lights, and stop signs
OBJECTIVES: To understand directions, to practice speaking and giving directions in English




  1. This is an activity that can be down at the end of any direction lessons
  2. Have the students move to the front of the class, and rearrange the desks into groups of four, and place a name of a shop on each group of desks. Place the traffic lights and stop signs at various locations
  3. Have student’s works in pairs.
  4. ALT starts by giving directions to the 2 students, and they follow the roads by listening to the commands. (You can use the terms, go straight 3 blocks, left, right, on the corner, use the information they learned in that class)
  5. After the two pairs have finished, they then instruct the next pairs. Saying at least 5 instructions is important.
  6. Once this is finished, for the last 1 minute, I have found it fun to have the students give ME instructions in Japanese. This can be very interesting, my all boys class had me go out onto the balcony and then they yelled “jump!”



I have found that this activity has really helped with my students and retaining the English. They got up and active for the last 20 minutes of class. It is important to have the students listen and watch their peers follow through with the exercise. I have never had a difficult time with the class being loud for this activity as they were all curious as to what was going on.

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