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culture in the classroom

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Culture in the Classroom


Brett Daviau


SKILL: Speaking, listening
TIME: 45 min
MATERIALS: blank paper, worksheets
SKILLS: To learn expressions for talking about culture, to practice speaking



  • Warm up: (5 min) One student is called to the front of the class and shown a word. That student must describe the word without saying it. The rest of the class must try to guess the word. Words should be about Japanese culture. For example, you can use: kimono, kinkakuji, Tokyo Tower, natto, and judo.
  • 1st Activity: (10min) Students are given a blank sheet of paper and put into small groups of about 4-5. The teacher writes “Traditional symbols” on the board, explains the meaning, and gives some examples from either Japan, or another country. Students then have 2 minutes to write as many examples of traditional symbols in Japan. Next, write “Modern symbols”, same procedure, “traditional things you do”, and “traditional things you don’t do” same procedure.
  • 2nd Activity: (5min) Everyone stands up. Ask students what gestures they use for the following ideas. Show them the gestures from other countries.


me, come here, no, great, money, crazy, thank you


  • 3rd Activity: (25min) Students are given a worksheet and are to work with a partner. The students are to read the questions, answer them, and then take turns asking them to one another. They should write their partners’ responses on the worksheet as well. Of course, go over the questions as a class and clarify any misunderstands. ALT and JTE should model an example question for the class.

Questions: What is a typical food in your culture? What is an important sport or game? What is a traditional custom that you do? What is a modern symbol of your country? What is a modern symbol of your country? What is one thing you love about your country? What is the most important Japanese word for a foreigner to learn in Japan? Why?




Ideas from English Firsthand 2, Pearson Education Asia Limited 2004

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