crossword fun

Crossword Fun


Philip Wood


SKILLS: Reading, writing, using a dictionary
TIME: Homework. Thirty minutes
MATERIALS: Use a picture dictionary for a beginner-level crossword, such as “The Oxford Picture Dictionary”. For an intermediate-level crossword use a learner’s dictionary, such as “The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary”
OBJECTIVES: To review vocabulary from class, to practice using an English-English dictionary, to give students confidence that that they don’t need to use a Japanese-English dictionary to understand words




1. Go to

2. Type answers and clues (take these from a learner’s dictionary). For example,

“pilot/ (5) a person who operates the controls of an aircraft, especially as a job”

“farmer/ (6)a person who owns or manages a farm.”

“computer programmer/ (8,10)a person whose job is writing programs for computers.”

“hairdresser/ (11)a person whose job is to cut, wash and shape hair.”

3. Create the puzzle

4. Print out copies of the puzzle and the answer sheet




You can use any vocabulary with this activity, especially as a review.

Make crosswords with themes, such as “Occupations”, “School subjects”, “World Cultures” etc. You can copy and paste dictionary definitions from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at:


Use clip art for picture clues.

Use the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) as clues for phonetics practice.