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Around the World

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Around the World


Sara Tomasikiewicz


GRADE LEVEL: ES (grades 3-6)
SKILLS: Speaking
TIME: 5 – 20 minutes (adaptable)
MATERIALS: Flashcards of target vocabulary




  • To teach students new words




I remembered playing this as a 3rd grader in Elementary School to help memorize multiplication in a fun setting. It is a competitive game to see which student can recall the picture word first. I really only use it to reinforce words that I will need to use to teach a phrase later in the class. It is a quick and fun way for students to memorize words. When I first introduced the game to the students, I used it as my sole game for the day. They love it! You can try it for younger classes; I haven't yet, so I did not want to include younger ages because I am unsure how they would react to it.




1. Teach new words until you feel the majority of the students in class have them memorized.


2. Explain game to students, using the first few students as an example.


3. Two students compete at one time. Have the first card facing away, then turn it so the students can see it. The first student to say the word is the winner. The losing student sits in the seat where they competed and lost.


4. The winner moves to the next student. Repeat step 3.


5. The winning student keeps moving around the room until they lose (by answering last). When the student loses, they sit and the winner stands up and begins moving around the room.


6. The point of the game is – the first student to go around the room (around the world) by saying the words first over all the other students; that person is the game's champion. However, my classes are quite large, so I don't have the time to wait until one student goes all the way around. Thus, I declare the champion, the student who moves the most seats. Reward with a sticker or whatever you reward your students with.




1. If both students can't remember the name of the word, ask the whole class to repeat after you, as to not single out the two students who forgot.


2. Once students are able to recall quickly, I begin focusing on better pronunciation.


3. Have fun! Students really get into this. This is the first game that I've seen my roku nensei's become genki over a game I said we will play.

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