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Amazing Race

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The Amazing Race


Michael Manzano


SKILLS: Reading, Writing
TIME: 50 minutes
MATERIALS: Map, answers worksheet




  • To have the students practice their reading
  • To have the students learn about a new country




1. Prior to the class, find a city map and circle about 20 places on the map and assign each place a letter or symbol. Ensure that the names of the buildings and places are clear when you photocopy the maps. Make 10 different clues which correspond to any 10 different locations that are circled on the map and cut them into strips. Make an answer sheet like the example. Now you’re ready to bring all of this to class after you make copies.


2. Start by dividing the students into groups of 3-5, but smaller groups are better. Give each group one map and one answer sheet but don’t give them the hint yet.


3. Then explain the game and tell the students that this is a race.


4. Each group will get one hint and it is their goal to find the building from the hint and write down the letter of the building and the name on their answer sheet.


5. When the team finds the answer, the group leader will run to one of the teachers with the hint AND the answer sheet and show them their answer. If they have the correct letter and name (spelling is up to you), the teacher will give them a new hint in exchange for their old hint. If they are wrong, then they have to go back and find the correct answer.


6. Repeat this process until the top 3 teams finish the race. Give out rewards if you want.


7. Give the teams that finish quickly a worksheet about the topic. When the race is totally finished, hand out a fun quiz about the topic and show some pictures.




  • This can be adapted for any level and for other topics like introductions about your hometown/country, rooms in a school, buildings in a city, certain grammar structures, etc.
  • I did this game using a map of Singapore and Malaysia to teach the students about where I went on my vacation. They started with the Singapore map and I gave them the Kuala Lumpur map after the 6th question so they don’t get confused about which map to use for which hint.
  • It’s VERY IMPORTANT to stay organized during the race because the room can be chaotic. Have the hints separated, memorize the answers, and ensure you give the hints in the right order.
  • Another thing, if you want to reuse the maps you have to tell the students not to write on them at the beginning or else you’ll have fun later erasing all the “x” marks on them.

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