Alphabet Memory



Jeffrey Luce



GRADE LEVEL: Elementary 3rd – 6th
SKILLS:Reading, Speaking
TIME: 30 Minutes
MATERIALS: Alphabet Card Sets
OBJECTIVES: To become familiar with the alphabet
To recognize letters and sounds individually
To use letters




1. Begin by introducing or reviewing the alphabet. Chances are the students are already familiar with it.

2. Make sure students are comfortable identifying letters individually, and haven’t just memorized saying the alphabet in order.

3. After this, split the class into their lunch groups. If you have a particularly large or small class try to break up students into groups of 4 and 5.

4. Next, explain to the students they will be playing a memory matching game. Spread out cards in a grid face down. Each student gets a chance to flip over two cards. If the letters match they keep the cards and receive a point. In Japanese it’s called 神経衰弱(しんけいすいじゃく)(Shinkeisuijaku). They should recognize this word instantly. If not, demonstrate.

5. Whenever a student flips a card over, they must read the letter out loud. In higher grades, consider having the students say a word using the letter.




Unfortunately, this game takes some preparation. You’ll have to make about 6 sets of cards. Also, make sure your students cannot see through the cards. Thick or colored paper is all you need. Younger students that haven’t caught on that paying attention helps get frustrated quickly. I’ve seen a few tears flow over this game.